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How to change MAC under Windows 7?

11/28/2011 06:12 by KevinHan

I have tried but failed to to change MAC under win 7. I added in the registry the value "NetworkAddress" and 12 hexadecimal digits. I then deactivated and activated the network adapter, but when executing "ipconfig /all" the MAC adress is the same as before. Under Windows XP (im currently using this version) this is working flawlessly. No luck. can anyone give me tips? thank you.
First answer posted by Artemaria at 11/28/2011 06:17
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3 Answers
  • Artemaria
  • Follow these to change MAC under window 7.

    1. Open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change adapter settings.
    2. Right click on your network connection (Local Area LAN or Wireless WAN) and click Properties. 
    3. Then the properties window pops up, click Configure. 
    4. On the advance tab, click Network Address and Enter a value (HEX 0-9,A-F) on the right side textbox AAAAAAAAAAAA. If you cant find this option then your network adapter does not support this property.
    5. Thats all. To verify goto Command Line and run

    • ipconfig /all
    • to verify your new Physical Address

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  • SteveQueen
  • Just download 'Win7 MAC Address Changer' from brothersoft.

    Win7 MAC Address Changer is a free software which changes the MAC (Media Access Control) Address of any network adapter (Wired/Wireless) in a click of a button.

    Features of Win7 MAC Address Changer are:

    • Very simple to use with just few clicks.
    • Very small in size (approximately 55kb when zipped).
    • Random MAC Address Generator.
    • Supports both Wired and Wireless Network Cards.
    • Fully compatible with Windows 7(Solves the problem in Windows 7).
    • Also supports for Windows XP And Windows Vista.
    • MAC Address can be reset to Default by using the reset button.
    • Complete log will be created which enables the user to undo any actions performed by them.
    • A System Info module will come handy to quickly check system information.
    It's available in

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  • Anonymous user
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