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how to block wireless thieves?

03/30/2012 03:28 by MikeChin

First answer posted by PPrashanth at 03/30/2012 03:29
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1 Answers
  • PPrashanth
  • Simple Security
    Every router comes with three basic wireless security protocols: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2). These securities work by scrambling information before transmitting wirelessly, and then unscrambling the information when it is received by another device. The only way to intercept this information is to have the key code.
    WPA2 is the newest and hardest security to crack, and will protect you from a curious neighbor, but a hacker with the right software can break the key code in less than an hour.

    Impenetrable Network
    The most secure network available is a hard-wired connection. By plugging in an ethernet cord and turning off the wireless adapter, there are no wireless signals to intercept. The most secure information in the world is kept in a hard-wired network with no access to the Internet. This type of network is much like an island of information with no ability to send or receive messages.

    A firewall filters all incoming networking traffic and will block any potentially harmful information from harming your computer. All computers and routers come with a basic firewall. The basic firewall will protect you from any outside influence trying to break-in. However, the basic firewall is vulnerable from the inside. A virus hidden in an e-mail, flash-drive, or downloaded attachment can punch holes through the firewall giving a hacker complete access to your files. There are more advanced firewalls that can be purchased to protect from internal risks, but they can cost more than the computer you are trying to protect.

    Public Network Risk
    Any time you connect to a public network there is a risk of intercepted information -- know who is providing your connection. A reputable business that offers free wireless would be a safe bet, but a random wireless connection could mean trouble. A wireless thief can set up a local Wi-Fi connection in hopes of luring in a victim. Any critical information such as personal passwords, credit card numbers or Social Security numbers sent through this wireless connection can then be intercepted.
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