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how do i uninstall SweetIM from my facebook account without deleting my account?

09/17/2011 08:32 by ladyg45

First answer posted by SteveQueen at 09/17/2011 08:53
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19 Answers
  • Anonymous user
  • thanks david that really works
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  • SteveQueen
  • Don't worry, uninstalling SweetIM won't delete your facebook account.

    Firstly, try to find the unistall tools of SweetIM in the system.

    • General speaking, we use "add/remove program" function to uninstall a software. Or find the uninstall button of this software.
    • You could try these two methods. Or go to "start"-"all programs", see if you could find SweetIM uninstall tool.
    • However, sweetIM is an application to add emotion to your IM or browser. It wont be found on the "add/remove program".

    Then, you'll need an uninstall software to remove SweetIM.

    • If you already have one, dont hesitate to use it. 
    • If not, software like "unlock", "Ccleaner" or other uninstall tool will help. With my experience, many antivirus software has "Uninstall tool".

    Good luck.

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  • Anonymous user
  • SweetIM has an regular uninstall process, if you using Internet Explorer go to Start -> Control Parnell -> Add/Remove Programs and select SweetIM for Internet Explorer. 


    On FireFox go to add-on's and select to remove the SweetIM add-on.


     As SteveQueen said removing the app will not affect your account.

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  • ladyg45
  • thanks a lot... but i have already uninstalled it.. the problem is, that its still on my facebook page and i want to remove it from there..
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  • Anonymous user
  • I removed sweetim toolbar from add/remove programs.And using ccleaner to clean it up.Then reboot my machine. it worked.
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  • JoeStewart
  • Follow these steps to uninstall sweetim completely.
    1. Delete the sweetim folder from program files. restart your computer. If this not work, go to step 2.
    2. press windowskey+R, or click on'start' - Run' to open the command run. Type msconfig. A windows pops up. Go to the tab named services. Find sweetim and uncheck anything related to it. Do the same in the startup tab. Reboot to check if the sweetim gone. if not, go to next step.
    3. Check you appdata folder which located in C:\Users\YourName\AppData. Check in all three folders (local, locallow, roaming) for any folder/files named sweetim or the company that makes it. Delete those folders/files. 
    4. Check in application data, this is located at C:\Users\YourName\Application Data. Do the same as in step 1, but theres not the three folders this time.
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  • David the David
  • if using google chrome, uninstalling it from control panel wont work. you MUST remove it from both control panel AND the 'Manage Extensions' place on google chrome. To get there, you should click the wrench and choose 'Options', after, click on the 'Extensions' tab on the left, then uninstall SweetIM for Facebook.
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
  • facebook chat
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  • Anonymous user
  • becoz my machine is hang
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  • Anonymous user
  • if you are using google chrome :

    1. open google chrome

    2. go to chrome settings- on the right 

    3. go to extensions

    4. click remove sweetim 


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  • Anonymous user
  • Como posso desinstalar SweetIM da minha conta no Facebook, sem excluir a minha conta?
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  • Anonymous user
  • y i dont get sweet im smilieys option in my account ??wen some other users opens his fb den it shows in his account den y dont in my account ?(both uses same lappi) ...reply ...


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  • Anonymous user
  • thanks a lott for you help "David the David "!! your method worked!! wheeww! got rid of dat menace!
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
  • Thank you very much David... your comment was very usefull ;)
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  • Anonymous user
  • איך מוחקים את האתר הזה sweet im

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  • Anonymous user
  • Thank you very much David... 

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