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how do I delete auto logins in firefox?

03/29/2012 09:50 by ScottHamman

First answer posted by DanielSimon at 03/29/2012 09:51
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1 Answers
  • DanielSimon
    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Click "Tools" in the menu bar. Navigate to "Options" and select it. This should open another window.
    3. Click the "Privacy" tab in the new window. Click "Cookies" and then "View Cookies."
    4. Delete the cookies. You can search for the website(s) you want to stop automatically logging into, highlighting all the results and clicking "Remove Cookies," or you can simply remove everything by clicking "Remove All Cookies." This will force every website to forget you ever visited it before, so make sure you have nothing important saved.
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