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How Can Information Technology Play Vital Roles in Forming a Business?

11/22/2011 02:42 by maxkitty

First answer posted by JavyTechGuy at 11/22/2011 02:42
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1 Answers
  • JavyTechGuy
  • Information Technology refers to the use of computers to retrieve, process, store and send information. Few businesses today can survive without it and it can help new companies advertise their products and services and to identify and attract potential customers.



    The Internet can play an important role when setting up a business. It may be used to advertise for staff, conduct research, find cost-effective start-up materials, such as stationery and ink, email potential clients or bid for contracts. Setting up a website to advertise your products and services is often part and parcel of creating a business today.



    Computer software tools can play a role in advertising for business and for identifying potential customers. It may, for example, be used to create fliers or companies could word processing software to send out inquiry letters to potential customers. Database software could be used to store the names and contact details of people who have expressed an interest in the company's products or services, or who fall within the target market.



    Internet forums and social networking sites, such as Facebook, are useful for identifying the competition and making valuable contacts. Someone setting up a home craft business could use online forums for home-based workers to get encouragement and advice from people who are already running successful crafts businesses.

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