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How can I put Windows 7 on a Mac using VMware fusion, but the windows 7 disc has already been used?

10/28/2011 09:15 by maxkitty

I have a macbook pro, and i would like to run windows 7 on it using VMware fusion (virtualization software). I could easily do it, but theres one problem; the disc that I have for wondows 7 has already been used, but ive heard you

can get a Keygen, which generates a serial number that you can use for the disc. So how would this turn out, and how would you do it? Thanks a lot!
First answer posted by KeithCorbin at 10/28/2011 09:15
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2 Answers
  • KeithCorbin
  • Well, using a keygen most likely will work for now, but Microsoft will eventually disable your installation. Umm, you could use the key that you have already, but that is violating the EULA. It would work though, and it won't get disabled (as long as it's only on those two computers).
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