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How can I download only Microsoft Office 2007

11/16/2011 18:27 by Brenda.w

I already have Google Chrome Browser and don't want to clog up my computer with another one. It won't let me download Microsoft Office 2007 free download without routing me to download Google Chrome Browser.
First answer posted by SteveQueen at 11/17/2011 01:23
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1 Answers
  • SteveQueen
  • Here is the instruction of downloading software from brothersoft. take "Microsoft Office 2007" as example.

    step 1, open the information page of Microsoft Office 2007:

    Step 2, Click on the green button with letters"Download 291MB" under the software name. 
    it will open up this download page:

    Step 3, find the download access in that page. you'll see "Server 1 Brothersoft(CDN for Global)", under the software name. in other software download page, you might see "Server 1 Official Download". Just click on underline letters to download this software.

    Step 4, 'Brothersoftdownloader_for_Microsoft_Office.exe' is downloaded. on chrome, it was on the download manager, open' chrome://downloads/' on the address bar. Find the exe and double click. 'Are you sure to open it?' click on'run'
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