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Hey i was wondering how do you extract and put the song on your computer after you make it?

02/08/2013 17:30 by Effluence

Ive tried for soo lonng. And i have the full
First answer posted by Anonymous user at 10/19/2016 20:47
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1 Answers
  • Anonymous user
  • I really don’t know much about this scam thing and at the same time , no one wants to be on the losing side . But i just came across a good hacker who helped me hack my boyfriends text messages, whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram messages remotely..You don’t have to touch his phone while you have access to his conversations through the software he bought and install remotely on my phone, i dont know how he did this but i think he's perfect at him at him Allinson referred you, then you can thank me later. God Bless.
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