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Hello, Would you please let me know which version(s) of Sound Forge would work properly on a netbook with 2GB of Ram and with Windows 7 Starter as the O/S? Would all features function fully? Thanks!

11/10/2012 02:15 by robertwl

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Q:How to record vocals on sound forge pro 10

A:Turn up the mic level and close to the mic

Q:How do you simultaneously play one music file while, recording in your vocals on Sound Forge?

A:Sound Forge is not a multi-track recording program.

Q:How to get lyrics out of my song in sound forge?

A:press alt+f4 to add the man saying BEARS and such You can't remove vocals from a song unless you have the original recordings of each individ...(more)

Q:how do you record music from the keyboard in the VIEW listing, on SoundForge 10 ? It plays with the mouse when not recording, but when it's recording the mouse just clicks...

A:Mouse did a great job in recording on sony sound forge. when it's not recording, it's a mouse. but when recording, you could use it to to drag...(more)

Q:How do I save my track as an MP3 file in Sound forge?

A:you can export or render the file as MP3.

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