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exact and basic difference of ms word,wordpad,notepad

05/24/2016 04:15 by Gowtham Cool

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Q:Can I open Mac Pages in a Microsoft environment?

A:If you are talking about opening a file with .pages extension , well that is possible. Steps. 1. Save the file locally on your windows compu...(more)

Q:A problem occured to microsoft office live add-in sign-in.

A:Simply removed the program

Q:Why can't Microsoft Word Starter 2010 be opened

A:Well, not to state the obvious but...perhaps you could go to Control Panel, Programs, Office 2010 Starter, Change and choose "Repair"?(more)

Q:Mail Merge in Word 2010 with Excel 2010; field formatting lost in Word

A:Word does not have the round of function that is why  8.25% appears as  .082500000.\ Check the below article for Date, Phone Number...(more)

Q:Where is the "Saved" file that I worked on from an email attachment

A:You may or may not be able to recover this document since the changes are saved in your Temporary Internet Files folder. Note that you can't j...(more)

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