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exact and basic difference of ms word,wordpad,notepad

05/24/2016 04:15 by Gowtham Cool

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Q:where is Shrink to Fit Option in Print Preview in Word 2010?

A:The traditional Print Preview command is still there but you need to add it to your QAT, as, illogically, it has been hidden away in the devel...(more)

Q:why is my microsoft word locked?

A:Do you see "This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked" in the status bar at the bottom? Most likely you are using a tr...(more)

Q:Word 2010 Opens All Files in Compatibility Mode

A:If you open any word files from internet explorer or from mail attachments, you would get the READ ONLY in the title bar. If it’s displayin...(more)

Q:Disable SkyDrive so that I bypass "online" functionality

A:I had the same problem - and was unable to figure out how to download  or open a word doc someone sent me.  Overnight, what worked...(more)

Q:View only one page on the screen at a time

A:Adjust the Zoom control.

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