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Driver Testing Software

11/22/2011 02:41 by ThomasOakes

First answer posted by JPhillippy at 11/22/2011 02:41
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1 Answers
  • JPhillippy
  • Automated testing software for devices and drivers are available for a broad spectrum of hardware and software. Developers use these utilities to validate products for compliance with established standards and functionality.



    Programs like IxANVL provide automated testing services for developers of network hardware. Network driver testing software tests drivers using either a PC or Virtual Network Interface Card that creates a simulated testing environment.


    Device Driver Testing

    Microsoft's Driver Automation Framework is a software component of a hardware and driver testing device called the Device Auto Controller. The DAF provides developers with a graphical user interface that is used to create sequences of test scenarios. Using the software included with the DAC system, developers can also create custom testing applications and scripts.


    General Testing Software

    Commercial testing platforms provide a wide selection of options for driver testing in a single software package. VersaTest is one brand of driver testing software that supports driver testing across a range of platforms. This brand of software includes support for eight different operating environments and up to four types of interface; it provides automated testing and reporting for drivers using any of a dozen different communications protocols and supports multiple test operations.

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