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Despite paid avira and windows defender, computer has been infected. There are folders for "printhood" and "nethood" . Ran a scan last night,/4 adware and now it is 1000 times worse this AM.

05/30/2012 21:31 by ngarbo

Vista business svs pk 2, windows 7 IE8? Avira's firewall is off (which I can't get to go on), but maybe it is cuz Defender is on. The is an exe progarm called Installq that won't let me uninstall it. Now, Overnight, word docs are mht and folders are gone and shortcuts are everywhere. Help!
First answer posted by Anonymous user at 06/13/2013 18:14
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1 Answers
  • Anonymous user
  • You should only have one anti virus/ malware on your machine as they can block each other.  Reinstall your Avira software direct from their site so it uninstalls and installs itself.  Unplug your internet connection and run a full scan making sure you have disabled MS Defender.


    After the scan has finished, f you want to be doubly sure you can go to & and run their online scanners but run them separately as they will also clash with each other.  You may need to turn off Avira while these scans run but it is only temporary.  At the end of running all three programmes, your machine should definitely be 100% clean.  Remember to turn Avira back on.  For problem programmes your Antivirus software has either an uninstaller or File Shredder which should be able to deal with it.  The file will most likely be gone as it is probably the cause of all of the problems you had been experiencing.


    Hope this helps?

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