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Critical Success Factors in Information Systems

11/22/2011 02:42 by jvanhorn

First answer posted by JonLuu at 11/22/2011 02:42
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  • JonLuu
  • Information systems use information technology to support operations, management and decision-making. Essentially, information systems are used to increase organization and efficiency. Thus, their function and success rate are very important in day-to-day activity of many organizations. Studying the factors critical to the success of an information system will only help increase productivity in many different industries.


    Proper Planning

    One of the most important factors in implementing a information system is proper planning in the initial stages. The organization implementing the information system must understand what is needed, why it is needed and the most efficient way of achieving the goal. Information systems will not be able to deliver the necessary information without proper planning and organization. Even if there is a sense of urgency in implementing the information system, it should not be at the cost of proper planning.


    Strong Leadership

    Strong leadership overseeing the implementation of the information system is an absolute necessity. The leaders must be able to inspire and motivate people from multiple departments and companies in order to ensure the proper flow of information. Thus, it is necessary for top management and organization leaders to understand the long-term goal for the information system and potential hurdles that may occur.



    Implementing a strong information system is not an easy task, so partnerships and collaboration between multiple departments or employees is necessary. Entrusting such a large project to one group is not sufficient. Employees from different regions, departments and partners must be involved in the design process in order to ensure all possible goals are met. Hopefully, a multidisciplinary team will be able to design the optimal information system while developing all supporting material for the entire corporation. In essence, all these different employees must see their efforts as a collaboration.


    Implementation Skills

    The implementation of an information system is even more difficult than the development process. Implementation requires skills in project management and support. Project management skills will involve being able to monitor the large number of tasks involved in implementation. Support skills will help with ensuring the information system will become an integral part of day-to-day activity. Good support skills will also involve ongoing communication with users, solving problems and improving the information system for future users.

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