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Autodesk CAD Tips

11/17/2011 07:04 by KatyAmeglio

First answer posted by AlbertAzose at 11/17/2011 07:04
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2 Answers
  • AlbertAzose
  • Autodesk Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software can be a bit intimidating at first. The best thing you can do before you begin designing is to play around with the controls until you can remember what each icon represents. Try building something basic, like a floor plan of a room, before you move on to more complicated projects. With a little patience and perseverance, you will become fluent in no time.


    Plan Your Design

    Start slow. It is helpful to have your design drawn out on paper before you build it in AutoCAD, especially if you are a beginner. Building directly from your imagination may seem quicker, but you'll inevitably run into problems and end up having to start over anyway.

    Measure Accurately

    Get your measurements right. Estimating or guessing may make the drawing go more quickly, but it will translate into real problems when the project piece is being built from the drawing. Correct measurements will instantly tell you the perfect cut length and what size fastener to use, for example.

    Take Advantage of Shortcuts

    Take advantage of the search function in the upper right-hand corner of the menu browser. If you forget which button does what, or if you need to use a function you've never used, the search tool can save valuable time. Double-clicking the desired function in the drop-down list instantly launches the function. If you need to use a command that you just used and can't find again, use the "Recent Actions" option to locate the right function.

    Check Your Progress From All Angles

    Use the CUBE function to view your drawing in an intuitive 3-D navigation cube. This can help you get a better sense of scale and proportion. Access the "View" panel on the "Home" tab and hover over "ViewCube." CUBE only works when the 3-D modeling workspace is turned on.

    Try a Macro

    Try using the Action Recorder to "record" any plots you do frequently. Just the touch of a button will perform the plot in the future, saving a lot of time. This is perfect for things like fastener fittings, knobs and textures. The Action Recorder command is located on the "Tools" tab.

    Control Leaders

    Take control of leaders. Use the MLEADER command to control the order of creation, and add additional leader lines. The Multiple Leader Align tool will automatically snap leaders into place for perfect alignment. The MLEADERCOLLECT tool will combine block leaders into a multiple leader.


    Practice often, even when you are not doing a project. AutoCAD is one of those things that you must do often to stay up to speed. Going a week or two without at least playing around with it can easily result in slower design times and command confusion. AutoCAD is definitely a "use it or lose it" skill.




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