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Apple Aperture Vs. Adobe Lightroom

11/24/2011 06:01 by KevinHan

First answer posted by Kimplex at 11/24/2011 06:01
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2 Answers
  • Kimplex
  • When Mac released its Aperture software in 2005 as a native-Mac alternative to Adobe, a long-time leader in photo editing software, Adobe returned with its own version of photo editing software, Lightroom. The competition between these two quality products has provided more features for the consumer: Since Aperture's initial release, both companies have released upgrades and dramatic program enhancements.


    Aperture Advantages

    Aperture allows easy importing of pictures; use a memory card or stick to download images, or hook up your camera via USB or FireWire connection and save images on your computer as you take them. In terms of editing, Aperture allows you to do basic cropping, straightening and exposure. It also includes effects such as Vibrancy, Definition, Vignette and Lift and Stamp to make the image clearer, crisper and sharper. You can edit from any Aperture screen, allowing for greater freedom in image adjustments and editing metadata. Apple's Aperture is full of advantages for the native Mac user: Aperture integrates well with all of OS X, and photos and edits are available from the iWork and iLife suites.


    Aperture Disadvantages

    Although Aperture is full of features, some see this as a disadvantage. Learning the format could take a long time, and some of the features, such as the virtual organization system, could be frustrating for new users. Aperture's biggest disadvantage is its native Mac compatibility; there is no Windows version.


    Lightroom Advantages

    Adobe's Lightroom offers many editing options, allowing for quick changes to the whole image or fine, accurate enhancements to one specific area of the picture. In addition, many plug-ins help the user export, edit or share photos with ease and flexibility. Lightroom works well with most camera models, and it permits greater image adjustment, such as chromatic aberration correction. As a product of Adobe, Lightroom synchronizes well with all Photoshop CS4 software; the edits you do elsewhere will show up in Lightroom. Lightroom is available for both Windows and Mac computers.


    Lightroom Disadvantages

    Lightroom, as part of the CS4 package, offers limited functionality since it is intended for use in conjunction with the other software programs. Scripting is not available in Lightroom, not a problem for novices but a serious flaw for more technologically savvy editors. The search abilities of Lightroom are also limited.


    Overall Comparison

    Overall, both Lightroom and Aperture offer strong products. The ongoing debate in forums and blogs suggests that neither program is unquestionably superior. However, the Windows user will find more advantages in Lightroom in terms of integration and familiarity. In addition, for a wider array of camera models and image types, Lightroom is superior. For the Mac user, Aperture provides seamless integration with OS X and allows for greater functionality and editing.

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