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Apple Aperture 2.1.2 New Features

11/24/2011 05:50 by MikeChin

First answer posted by SharonJohn at 11/24/2011 05:50
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2 Answers
  • SharonJohn
  • Apple has become a major provider of computers and software for photographers and other creative professionals. Photographers tend to purchase Apple computers for many reasons, but one important reason is Aperture. Aperture is a professional-grade tool for photo editing that is only available on Mac OS X. Aperture 2.1.2 brings several improvements to the application that have proved very useful for photographers and other professionals.


    User Interface Changes

    The most obvious upgrade for the application would be the changes to the user interface. Several elements, such as the project viewer, have been moved out of the main view, the view in the center, to maximize the amount of screen real estate that the subject you are working on gets. This allows users with limited screen space to get a more detailed view of their images, allowing them to easily do more editing to minor aspects of their images.


    Keyboard Shortcut

    This latest version of Aperture also adds an important keyboard shortcut. By simply pressing "V" users can quickly switch between the element view and the project view. The element view is a large view of the actual image that you are currently working on. The project view is a larger overview of the overall project, including all of its elements; these are displayed in a manner similar to the way Finder displays files trees. This may seem like a very insignificant addition, but it allows users to work more efficiently, something that is important no matter what the project is.


    RAW Image Adjuster

    Another useful feature that has been added to the application is the RAW image adjuster. Basically, this tool resolves anomalies and inconsistencies in images that were taken with cameras. The RAW image adjuster is useful but in some cases it known to make images look "flat." In these cases, it is recommended to use an external tool such as Adobe's Photoshop or Corel. Still, for most images, the built-in RAW image adjuster will work fine.


    Print Quality

    Aperture has also made significant improvements in the quality and consistency of the print documents that it produces. These projects can range from books and brochures to greeting cards and calendars. The most major improvement is in the area of color consistency. Basically, this means that the colors you see on your screen will be exactly the colors that are produced on the printed materials.

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