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any help to get my password back?

07/20/2011 06:53 by KatyAmeglio

I forgot my gmail password yesterday and tried my best to get it back. Don’t want to link to the “forget password assistant”. So I choose email password hacking software. So, any suggestion for using this software? Is it safe? If yes, guide me step by step please.
First answer posted by mariafellow at 09/15/2011 09:25
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27 Answers
  • mariafellow
  • i want the answer too.
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  • Anonymous user
  • Password assistant is the best way to retrieve your gmail password.
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  • Anonymous user
  • To reset your forgotten Gmail password:
    Make sure you either
    • have a secondary email address specified for your Gmail account or
    • you have not logged into your Gmail account for 5 days.
    Use password assistant on the Gmail log-in page.
    1. Click I've forgotten my password.
    2. Type your Gmail user name (what precedes "" in your Gmail address) under Username.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. Type the letters in the captcha into the field beneath the image.
    5. Click Submit.
    6. Depending on whether you have a secondary email address specified or not,
      • open the Google Password Assistance message in your secondary email account and follow the password reset link in it or
      • type the answer to your security question and click Submit.
    7. Enter the desired new password under both New password: and Re-enter password.
    8. Click Reset password.
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  • JonLuu
  • Manual Password Retrieval
    1. Locate the administrator of your email server's email address or telephone number.
    2. Contact the administrator (or alternately customer service) and request a password reset.
    3. Provide whatever proof of your identity necessary to the administrator or customer service for security reasons.
    4. Check to ensure the password reset worked by accessing your email.
    5. Change the password in your email client to be able to collect your email using this method, if applicable.
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  • Tabungan
  • get my password back?
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  • Anonymous user
  • i want my password back...
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  • marionsalmonhedges
  • Smartkey Password Recovery Bundle is a must-have toolkit to recover/remove/reset passwords for Windows, Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Outlook Express, PDF, RAR/WinRAR, ZIP/WinZIP, MSN, AOL, Google Talk, Paltalk, Trillian, Miranda, Opera, Firefox and IE Browser, etc. Over 21 types of passwords can be Recovered instantly. Until now, these password recovery tools are the fastest on the market, the easiest to use and the least expensive.
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  • Anonymous user
  • i forgot my hotmail password
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  • ludata
  • yahoo email password
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  • laithalazawee85
  • back password


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  • Anonymous user
  •  I forgot my password but I can  open my gmail because I have remaind in my conputer so how to veiw my password ?

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  • Anonymous user
  • i forget my password please if u help get my password than pls my current mail id is  reply soon  thanks
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  • Anonymous user
  • Try out the services of Codelord , he usually works as a personal hacker but also does basic hacks restoration of crashed websites , recovery of lost files / web accounts , E-mail and social network hacks , deletion of criminal records , Bank / paypal account hacks . e.t.c You're guaranteed a clean and untraceable job , send inquiries to
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  • Anonymous user
  • Hire a reliable hacker for custom hack services; do contact: or text: +14843905131.We aim to serve you better...
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  • Anonymous user
  • i used to confirm the infidelity of my ex-wife and i am forever grateful to him. He helped my hack her phone which she held so dearly and i found out numerous dating sites she was registered to, her emails, all her social network apps and even text messages. I was heartbroken but its better to know and act upon your knowledge than being played a fool. i will recommend foranyone in need of such services
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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  • Anonymous user
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